Private Equity Services Group has a long experience and can incorporate, in liaison with local notaries, your company. Once a company is incorporated and it conducts business, its management must keep record of all legal activities. Mostly such activities will be decided upon in board meetings and/or shareholders meetings. Statutory requirements make it necessary to have all shareholders meetings to be held at the companies offices and such meetings can be facilitated by Private Equity Services Group. The minutes of such meetings form an important part of the corporate records.

Corporate services pertain to a wide variety of legal matters, such as:

  • acting as managing director or proxy holder
  • assistance with incorporation of companies;
  • providing registered office facilities;
  • keeping corporate records;
  • purchase and sale of shelf companies;
  • assisting with all kinds of legal and corporate procedures
  • liquidation services

Private Equity Services Group will arrange for the legal filings with the relevant authorities if necessary. Our corporate officers are specialized in drafting the relevant corporate documents and make sure your companies remain in good standing.