It is compulsory for all companies to maintain records of their activities. It is the responsibility of the management to keep record of all assets and liabilities of the companies under their management. The relevant bookkeeping must be up to date and available for local authorities in case of a review. Original documents are an essential part of such administration. Private Equity Services Group will take care of a solid, transparant and up to date registration of the relevant administration of the companies under its management.

Administration services pertain to a wide variety of financial and fiscal matters, such as:

  • overall bookkeeping
  • administration of (port-folio) investment funds
  • cash management
  • payroll administration

Preparation of annual and interim accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Dutch Civil Code. Filing of the annual accounts for publication with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce is part of the services and will be taken care of by Private Equity Services Group.

Filing of tax returns, in consultation with our tax consultants, such as:

  • corporate income tax
  • withholding tax
  • individual income tax
  • value-added tax

Private Equity Services Group is not an international legal and tax adviser. International tax law is highly specialized and requires a network of worldwide offices. For many years now Private Equity Services Group works together with many national and international legal and tax firms to ensure  the best service is provided to your company.